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-- Frequently Asked Questions--
  1. Can I buy Gift Certificates?   Yes, in various amounts.  Click here >>> Gift Certificates  
  2. How do I care for my cedar artwork?   Ideally it is best to not expose your artwork to continuous direct sunlight, as bleaching may occur. If dullness does become evident, you can brush a very light coat of wood oil such as Watco Danish oil to rejuvenate the natural moisture and color. Wipe off any excess.  
  3. What is the best way to do regular cleaning of my cedar artwork?   The best way to remove dust is to vacuum with a brush attachment. If it becomes dirty, you can easily wipe it with a damp cloth without causing any damage to the natural materials.  
  4. Can you repair artwork that has been damaged?   Generally yes, but I will need to see the severity of the damage first to be certain. If it can be repaired the charge is $25 per hour.  
  5. Where do you get your cedar bark?   Some of it comes from our own property and some from property owners nearby. The bark is only from cedar trees that have been or are going to be harvested. Generally the bark peels off harvested logs during the transportation and milling process, but now instead of being wasted it can be renewed into beautiful artwork.  
  6. How do I measure my head for a properly fitted hat?   Accurately measure around your head with a flexible tape measure directly where the sweatband will rest.  Call or email that information to me.  
  7. Can I give feedback regarding this website?   My husband Bruce created this website and would appreciate all the feedback you are willing to give.  Please help him make it better by pointing out any problems or shortcomings you discover.  Email him at webmaster@dancingcedararts.com  

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